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August Autocross Practice Event - Covid rules enforced

Saturday, August 15, 2020 8:00 AM to Saturday, August 15, 2020 2:03 PM

The August Autocross practice event is on track (as long as provincial Covid rules don't change)

Date: Saturday August 15th

Time: 8:00AM begin set up, need some volunteers, be there for tech by 8:45 or sooner (Watch for a Friday night pre-tech option, save $5.00 off event fees)

Location: Springs Church - West parking lot 595 Lagimodière Blvd,

Requirements: Current Covid regulations as suggested by the Province of MB will be in effect.

Cost $10.00 (Less $5,00 if you pre-tech Friday), non 2020 Quad C members subject to a mandatory $10.00 interim day membership fee.

Pre-Tech detail to go out the week of the event.

Please respond by August 12th or sooner so I can do some proper planning and prepare paperwork well ahead of the event. The sooner you reply the lower down you start in your class group in the AM.

If members could bring 2 way radio’s to avoid over handling of the few we have on hand.

Watch for further competitor and volunteer updates.
One last event is confirmed with Springs Church for September 12th as long as Government Covid regulations don't change.Venue change might happen if we get Casino permission.

For more details contact -